China-Vanuatu Relations

China and Vanuatu established diplomatic relations on March 26, 1982.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries have developed smoothly. In February 1983, the first Chinese ambassador (concurrently) arrived in Vanuatu to present his credentials. In 1989, China set up its embassy in Vanuatu and sent resident personnel there. In July 1991, China's resident ambassador took office. Vanuatu sent (roving) ambassador to China twice, one in June 1982 and another in September 1986, to present credentials. In 1996, Vanuatu appointed an honorary consul in Hong Kong. In August 1999, Vanuatu set up an honorary consulate in Beijing. The Consulate of the Republic of Vanuatu to Beijing has been upgraded to the Embassy of the Republic of Vanuatu in August 2005, and the latter has been officially opened in January 2006.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, both governments have made tireless efforts and cooperation endeavors to promote and further strengthen friendship and cooperation for the benefit of our respective peoples and nations.

The two countries have smooth cooperation in economic, trade, agricultural, tourism, sports and other fields.

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